We are committed to our customers from the beginning. We carefully select the farms we partner with to ensure harvest of high quality raw ingredients for processing. Paradise Plants Berlin GmbH is run by a dedicated and professional team that coordinates the supervision of product preparation in great detail. A team of experts is present every step of the way from planting, harvesting, cutting, handling, sorting, double-sorting, laser sorting, testing stages, individual packaging and preparation of safe transportation to the destination. The moisture content, active ingredients, aroma, and color of our products comply with international standards. Our customers can expect consistency in product quality and client care. At Paradise Plants Berlin, quality comes first and we do not sacrifice quality for price.


Our most important goal is to ensure the quality of our raw ingredients by having regular, transparent and reliable inspections. This goal is realized through external and internal standards and procedures. This enables us to guarantee traceability. We provide objective evidence to our customers as a basis for mutual trust. Quality management, quality control and quality assurance for our products, services, and projects help us to provide our customers with a good understanding of the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system.

The complete process for our raw ingredients from production to shipment is carried out in three stages:


Our main supply is provided from our own farms or selected partner farms, all of which produce our raw ingredients at the highest level of standards. Paradise Plants Berlins’ products follow the requirements and obligations of three internationally recognized systems for quality management: ISO 9001, HACCP and Halal. Our agricultural engineers constantly supervise the different stages of cultivation and harvesting. Our strict policy is that products which do not match these standards are not allowed to enter the next stage of production.



Products enter our main factory only after being confirmed as meeting the required standards. The products are examined regarding their microbial properties and pesticide exposure.  Our own lab guarantees microbiological monitoring, and a sensory analysis of color, aroma, scent and appearance.

Firstly, products are taken to the raw ingredient storage area. Its environment is clean and since we handle food-related ingredients, we avoid any kind of contamination by maintaining the place neat and training our staff to follow all regulations. Secondly, the products are brought to the conveyer belt for double sorting, color sorting, cross flow review, sifting, and finally sorting by hand. These stages may differ according to the type of product. Every stage undergoes a quality control. Only products meeting the standard reach the next stage, others are returned to previous stages. Thirdly, we provide customizable carton packaging:  our products are packed according to our customersrequirements.


Paradise Plants Berlin GmbH considers fast and safe shipment as a fundamental service for our all our customers. Whether we send products by containers, ships or planes, our priority is to meet our customer’s needs and preferences. We want to provide our international customers with reliable long-term support regarding shipping and delivery of our products. Your satisfaction is our joy!