Paradise Plants Berlin

We founded Paradise Plants Berlin in 2021. Why? Because we love high-quality plant products. Our objective: supplying German and international customers with Laotian, Sri Lankan, and Iranian quality products and allowing producers in poor rural areas to make a decent living from their work. We specialize in raw ingredients for teas, herbs and spices, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, saffron, barberry, gums and resins, and a variety of aromas. We build upon a highly motivated multinational team equipped with years of experience in supplying international markets. Our products are locally cultivated by our partner farms under close supervision. The quality of the end product is a combination of traditional farming and our knowledge and expertise in processing. Our team finds joy in developing good customer relationships. We are committed to respectful communication and an open dialogue both with our farmers and customers to ensure satisfaction with our products. Food safety and product quality are highly valued by Paradise Plants Berlin. We have several processes in place so our customers can rely on the safety of our production systems. You will see: your trust in Paradise Plants Berlin will pay off as our products will delight you.